How To Sell Feet Pictures Online and Offline to Make A Lot of Money

It’s not really that hard to sell feet pictures online, as you will learn from reading this article.

Selling feet pictures start with knowing that it’s possible. If you know it’s possible, you can get started confidently and make consistent money selling yours.

So, yes, it’s possible to sell pictures of your foot online and offline.

Millions of People Interested In Feet Pictures

It’s possible to sell pictures of your feet online and offline because there are millions of people in the world who are interested in buying.

They are interested in buying because they have a foot fetish. This is a love for feet and many of them are ready to spend a lot of money buying different feet pictures.

If you can find many of such men, you can make a lot of money, overtime, selling to them.

It won’t even matter what part of the world you are, thanks to the Internet you can sell to people all over the world.


Selling Your Feet Pictures Online

This is the easiest and most popular way to go about trying to make money selling pictures of your feet.

You can simply start by placing sample pictures of your feet in your various social media accounts and wait for people to contact you.

If the samples you put on your social media accounts appeal to the particular men interested, many of them can contact you to buy. Some might request customized feet pictures or even videos, but the point is you can sell to the ones who contact you.

Of course it’s a good idea to create different social media accounts on the major social media platforms, rather than using your personal social media accounts.

This is particularly if you don’t want your close friends, family members or even colleagues to know you are selling your feet pictures online.


Selling Your Feet Pictures Offline

You can go the old fashion way of selling offline. It’s as simple as placing classified ads yourself or looking out for classified ads placed by people looking for sellers of feet pictures.

To place classified ads yourself, you can do that with your local newspapers. They usually have very low cost offers for people to advertise in their classified ads section.

You will be surprised to learn that there are still lots of people who look at the classified section. Many of these people are obviously men and some of them might be looking for feet picture sellers like you.

As for those who place ads themselves, it’s not impossible that you will find some of their ads if you always look at the classified ads section in your local newspaper.

Tips for successfully selling your feet pictures

You can achieve a lot more success with this if you know how to do things right. Below are some tips to help you:

Protect your privacy

Unless you are dealing with well known foot modeling agencies or movie directories/producers, you should protect your privacy as much as you can.

Don’t reveal your personal details to those who want to buy your pictures.

As much as you want to make money with this you also want to protect yourself from strangers. Some will definitely be decent people but some won’t be.

You don’t want to put your privacy at risk at all.

Stay anonymous

Again, unless you are dealing with professional and well known foot modeling agencies or movie directories/producers, you should stay anonymous.

This involves using a pen name or alias to setup the email addresses and social media accounts you will use in communicating with potential buyers.

The more anonymous you are, the better you are of protecting your privacy.

Offer to customize pictures for buyers

Not every feet picture buyer would want the exact same type of picture. Some will want pictures showing the top of your feet, some would want those showing the sole or arch while some would want pictures of you wearing certain type of shoe or jewelry.

The more open you are to customizing the pictures for some of the buyers, the more likely you will sell to them.

Offer to customize videos for buyers

You can also make more money with your feet by offering videos for those who want them.

Selling videos of your feet should be more expensive than taking pictures, particularly customized videos for some of the buyers.

Create accounts in different social media platforms

Don’t just create account in one social media platform and think that’s enough.

You stand a chance of getting more potential buyers to find you when you have accounts in more social media platforms.

Put up good samples on your social media accounts

Buyers will contact you when they like the samples you put up on your social media accounts. That’s why you should provide good samples.

Watermark your samples before putting them online

While you should always put up samples on your social media accounts or send samples to potential buyers, you want to make sure they are watermarked.

By watermarking your sample pictures, you increase the chance of serious buyers paying to get the real versions.

Thankfully there are many online services you can upload your original pictures and download watermarked versions to use.

Some of them are:

Be nice and courteous to the buyers

Don’t make the mistake of treating potential buyers like crap just because they have this foot fetish. Many of them are decent people who love feet. Nothing wrong with that and they should be treated nicely and decently.

As with everything in life, people treat us as we treat them. If you treat your potential buyers nicely and decently, they are most likely to do the same to you.

It won’t be surprising that some can even pay you much more than you charge them, if they like how you treat them.

You can even get some buyers that will keep buying from you over and over again, if they like your pictures and especially if they like how you treat them.